APGENCO Training Institute
energy meter LABORATORY
The Energy Meter Lab in the Training Institute, APGENCO is functioning since 2001. This Energy Meter Lab has been set up by APGENCO for calibration of Energy Meters of all APGENCO power stations periodically and is open to calibration of Energy Meters of 0.2s class or lower accuracy of Private parties on payment basis. The calibration services include calibration of Reference standard Energy Meters of class 0.1 and 0.2 accuracy. The Calibration services are accredited as per the NABL norms & conforms to ISO 17025 requirements in the field of Electro Technical calibration.

The Laboratory is equipped with Three Phase fully automatic calibration system PTS 400.3 (Modular three phase portable test system) of MTE make comprising PCS 400.3, PRS 400.3 (Reference standard traceable to National standards) of 0.02 class accuracy and PPS 400.3 (Portable Power Source).

The Laboratory was recognized by APDISCOMs and APTRANSCO as third party laboratory for calibration of Energy Meters. At present the Energy Meters of Private parties are calibrated in our laboratory in the presence of authorized representatives of Private Parties, field engineers of MRT divisions of APTRANSCO & Field Engineers of M & P divisions of APDISCOMs as required by the concerned.

For Quality assurance of Meters the generating company or licensee shall set up their own accredited testing laboratory. This laboratory is the first of its kind NABL accredited laboratory of Govt. Power utilities in Andhra Pradesh.
   Setup for calibrating 0.1 class portable ref. meter                                                                         Setup for calibrating energy meters 
This laboratory is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) as per ISO 17025:2005 in the discipline of Electro Technical calibration. This is the first of its kind NABL accredited laboratory of Govt. Power utilities in Andhra Pradesh. At present, In addition to calibration of energy meters of all power stations of APGENCO the EMs…….