APGENCO Training Institute
transformer oil testing lab

Transformer Oil Testing laboratory is equipped with high precession instruments. On an average, this laboratory analyses about 600 oil samples for various parameters per annum. This Lab has facilities for carrying out tests for In-service Transformer Oils/ Silica Gel as per IS specifications.

The laboratory undertake testing of transformer oil samples of private parties besides those of APGENCO.
Equipment Facility
Breakdown voltage tester
Dielectric dissipation factor measuring equipment
Tensiometer for measuring  interfacialtension
Moisture (water content) analyser
Flash point determination apparatus
Gas Chromatograph for DGA
Resistivity tester.
Silica Gel testing setup.
Testing Facility
Evaluation of service oils as per IS-1866:2000 for maintenance purposes.
Tests on Silica Gel
Evaluation of Dissolved Gases as per IS: 10593:1992 for identifying faults inside transformers.
The range of test facilities available at Transformer Oil Laboratory are as follows.
Test facility for “insulating oils in equipment”
IS: 1866-2000
Sl.No.    Name of Test    Range of Test Facility
    1.     Electric Strength(BDV)     1 - 100 KV
    2.     Flash Point     50 - 370oC
    3.     Interfacial Tension     0 - 0.090 N/m
    4.     Water Content      1.0 - 10,000 ppm
    5.     Dielectric Dissipation factor(Tan delta)     0.00001 - 9.99
    6.     Specific Resistance      109 - 1018 Ohm-Cm
    7.     Total Acidity(Neutralization value)     0 - 25 mg KOH/g
    8.     Dissolved Gas Analysis     HC : 0.1 - 10,000 ppm
    H2  : 0.1 -- 10,000 ppm

    CO  : 0.1 -- 10,000 ppm

    CO2 : 0.1 -- 10,000 ppm
    9.     Density     0.75 - 0.95 g/cc
Test facility for “Non-Indicating Silica Gel”
IS: 3401:1992
   Sl.No.    Name of Test
    1.     Loss on Drying
    2.     Adsorption Capacity
    3.     Loss on Attrition
    4.     pH Value
The test facilities mentioned above are extended to carryout for IPPs and other private parties on chargeable basis at a tariff as follows: